Gear-Tape Registry

Use the table below to return lost gear to its owner and to help decide what gear-tape combination or design to use for yourself.

Use the form to add your own to the registry.

If you are stuck for ideas, go here.

To register your tape design or combination you need to perform the following steps...

  1. Enter your email address then click on 'Get Key'. You will then receive a key by email.
  2. Enter your email address, first-name, last-name and the key then click on 'Register'.

To remove your entry just enter your email address and the key then hit remove.

N.B. These email addresses are not stored. They are used only to generate and send keys. This system is in place to help prevent spam and other people registering on your behalf.

Gear-tape combinations and designs and their corresponding owners.
NameSurnameTape Description
MarkBrownBlack with 'L2' repeated on it
LUUMCClub Rack ColoursDifferent colours for different racks: purple, red, orange, yellow, gold. All have personalised writing on them (so getting the same colours as these is less of an issue)
RichardPooleyBlack Tape only