Not sure what you need for a particular style of climbing? Not sure what the club can lend? Not sure where or how to buy your own equipment? It's all here...

Trip Preparation

Kit Requirements

Weekend trips

This is a general list of items you will probably want to take on our weekend trips. Most climbing kit can be supplied by the club.

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Take rock-shoes, a harness, belay plate and optionally a chalk-bag. Bring a rope or borrow one from the club if you would rather do lead-climbing than top-roping.


To go bouldering you will simply need a pair of rock shoes and, if it's hot or you find your hands get sweaty easily, a chalk-bag. Bouldering mats are needed if you are going outdoors, but the club has many of them. That's it!


For a day of sport climbing outdoors you will need a 10/11mm diameter rope (over twice the length of the longest route you intend to do), rock-shoes, harness, belay-plate, helmet, at least 3 locking karabiners, 2 90cm/60cm slings, a prussik loop, and as many quickdraws as there are bolts on the longest route you intend to do plus 2 more. Bring a headtorch for when it gets dark.

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Here is a full list of climbing gear you and your climbing partner should take if going out for a day of trad climbing.

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Winter climbing will require a bit of extra kit and extra know-how due to slippery ice and snow.

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For ice climbing you will need warmer clothes, ice-axes, ice screws and crampons.

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Club Gear

Buying gear can be an expensive business and if you're fresh to the climbing or leading scenes it's often hard to get everything you need all at once. This is why the club has a number of full racks (slings, krabs, quickdraws, hexes and nuts) not to mention a number of ropes, belay plates, nut keys, helmets and of course harnesses.

We take all the kit out with us on club trips. So if your coming along for the first time, don't worry we've got you covered (although as the year goes on we take less of it out).

It is highly recommended that you buy your own shoes, harness and belay device as soon as you can as these are most in demand, and shoe-sizes are limited.

Gear may also be borrowed for your own expeditions during term-time or the holidays. If you want to do this you will need to do the following...

  1. Contact the Gear Secretary by email, phone, this website or at one of our socials at the Packhorse on a Wednesday evening to get permission.
  2. Leave a cheque with the Gear Sec for a deposit equal to the value of the gear you are borrowing.
  3. Pick up the gear from the Gear Sec's house.
  4. Make sure you clean, air, or dry the gear as required and then return it back to the Gear Sec.

This cheque won't be cashed unless you refuse to give us back the gear, then we'll cash the cheque, buy shiny new gear, and you can keep the old stuff.

We may also ask you to replace gear that has been badly damaged. We're not unreasonable though as we do understand gear gets battered, so normal wear and tear is acceptable.

All these provisions may seem a bit excessive but a lot of the club budget goes on gear and we want to make it last. Though we do replace it long before it gets dodgy. so don't worry it's all good.

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