Have a question about the club? Please message anyone of us on committee through our Facebook group here.

Oliver Clyde · President

Some call me Stripey Ollie... but anything will do! Well excited for a smashing year of climbing, feel free to pop me message on facebook with any questions.


Chris Collinson

Matt Port · Vice President

I'm Matt and I'm your vice-president this year. I'm going into my fourth year in Leeds and am so excited to get out and climbing with everyone! My main role is to support the president, but I'm really keen on making the club as accessible as possible this year. Let us know if you have any ideas on how we could make it even easier to get climb with us! Xx

Olivia Ryb · Treasurer

Hey, I’m Liv and I live for climbing! This year I’ll be looking after the club money and can’t wait to get climbing with everyone.

Callum Smith

Ben Selby

Lili Dixon · Secretary

Hey, I'm Lil and I'm the LUUMC Secretary for 2019/2020. I've only recently got into climbing but now it is LIFE - why would you not want to climb stuff (I mean, seriously come on!) The club has all the pyscheeee and is so much fun - so you should all join and have a blast with us! Peace and Love. X

Tabby Milton · Gear Sec

Hiya! i’m your gear sec for the year which means i look after all our stuff! i can usually be found at the big depot or the lab so come say hi or drop me a message if there’s any gear you’d like to borrow! super psyched for another year of sending it with LUUMC. xoxo

James Green

Lorna Kelly

Laurie Rowland · Transport Sec

Hi, I’m Laurie and I’m Transport Secretary for this year. I’ll be responsible for getting people to and from trips in one piece… unless you’ve been drinking the club ‘Death Punch’, in which case I can’t be responsible for the hangover you’ll have! Can’t wait to get out climbing with the best society in Leeds once again, bring on the psyche!

Caitlyn Hagin · Social Sec

Hello,I am sure to be at the Packhorse on Wednesdays. You can look forward to some kick ass socials, house parties, Otley run, Christmas Céilidh and Annual Dinner that we’ll be organising.

Beth Evans

Kirsten Gray & Yasmin Roberts · Competition Secs

Hey it’s Kirsten one of your comp secs for 2019/20! Climbing has been a major part of my life for the last 10 years or so and I have made some of my best friends through the sport. I’m really excited to be on committee this year and be a part of creating a super psyched and fun atmosphere in the society!


Hi I’m Yasmin and I’m one of the comp secs. I’m super psyched to help organise comps this year and for a great year of climbing with the club. Comps are great fun so feel free to ask me any questions if you want to get involved!

Beth Evans
Fergus Greig

The President, Secretary and Treasurer are also main contacts with the Union and can access the club's account. If you want to know more about anybody's role, ask any of us and we'll give you more details!