Have a question about the club? Fill in the form to the right and choose who in the committee you would like to send your question to (listed below). If you aren't sure then don't worry. We'll make sure it gets to the right person.

Dan Murray · President

Hiya, I'm Dan and I somehow ended up as President. I'll be spending the year trying not to break the club or myself. I like climbing (duh), dislike midges and am utterly psyched about this upcoming year!

Dan Murray

Chris Collinson

Chris Collinson · Vice President

Hi I'm Chris, I'm the vice President and I'll be sorting out the club clothing and organising the teams for the comps (NUBS, BUCS, and Christie Cup). So if you can design good clothing, want to crush in a comp, or just have a really good moan then give me a bell.

Callum Smith · Secretary

Hi I'm Callum the club secretary, I organise things and talk to the BMC. I enjoy long walks on the beach and being cold and miserable in Scotland. Alpine and winter is my thing, but occasionally I'll go to Ilkley.

Callum Smith

Ben Selby

Ben Selby · Treasurer

Hello there! I'm Ben and I'll be looking after the clubs money this year. My job is to stop Gay Fergus spending all the funds on alcohol! Looking forwards to lots of good climbing this year.

James Green · Gear Sec

Hi I'm James and I am the gear secretary and if you want to borrow any gear just give me a bell. I enjoy bouldering roofs and compression problems and I am excited to climb this year.

James Green

Lorna Kelly

Lorna Kelly · Transport Sec

I’ll be the one responsible for getting everybody to the right place for club trips, and hopefully back again! If I’m not climbing, or at the pub, then I’m probably in the lab working hard at my PhD, or dreaming about running off to Wales to spend my days climbing on slate.

Beth Evans, Fergus Greig · Social Secs

Hi, I’m Beth, I wouldn’t say I’m your first port of call for climbing advice but I’ll be sure to be at the Packhorse on Wednesdays and tag along on trips. You can look forward to some kick ass socials, house parties, Otley run, Christmas Céilidh and Annual Dinner that we’ll be organising.

Beth Evans
Fergus Greig

The President, Secretary and Treasurer are also main contacts with the Union and can access the club's account. If you want to know more about anybody's role, ask any of us and we'll give you more details!